Invest in the Person

A vision for seeing and meeting the unique needs of our community.

What is Invest in the Person?

Invest in the Person is an exciting new vision for the future of our church. We have always wanted to be a church that was more than just a building. Our facility is wonderful, but we want to reach people for Christ.

In April 2017 we moved in to what we knew would be a hub for ministry in our community. Months later we added a third service at 5:00pm. In August 2018, we added a fourth Sunday service as we attempted to keep up with the rapid growth we have experienced. We believe God is calling us to continue to expand on the property he has given us to allow for more ministry opportunities and to meet the individual needs of those in our area.

Download the handout from the Vision Fellowships

How can you get involved?


Ask God to reveal how you can invest your time, energy, resources, and passion in areas God has called us to reach


Join a Life Group, serve at EVC, and continue to reach out to our community. We want people to hear the Good News of Christ and we want you and your family to grow in your faith. That only happens if you're here and you're inviting others to be a part of what God is doing at EVC.


As a family, make a 3-year pledge financially to invest in opportunities to reach more families for Christ. Join us October 21st as we all bring forward our commitments. We reveal and celebrate the total pledged on Sunday, October 28th. Commitment Cards are available at EVC, or you can fill out an online Commitment Card

Pledge to give

Pledge cards to give to the Invest in the Person vision will be made available on Sundays at EVC. If you are unable to attend in person and would like to make sure your pledge is recorded for Commitment Sunday, October 21st...

Click here to fill out an online commitment card.

Details on how to submit an online gift and set up recurring gifts are available on our Online Giving Page.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q. What is the cost of the building expansion project?

A. The cost of the project will largely be determined by what the giving response is. We want to be financially responsible and not build beyond our ability to fund. A rough estimate for the project is approximately $3.8-$4.7 million.

Q. What can I do?

A. You can begin by praying to know and do God's will concerning your gift to this vision. Spend time as a family praying and discussing this. Whatever amount God leads you to give will be the right amount.

Q. Will my contribution be made public?

A. No. Absolutely not. Only the total of all commitments combined will be announced on Celebration Sunday, October 28th.

Q. Do you treat this giving as the same thing as tithing? 

A. The Bible directs us to bring a tithe of our income to the storehouse – which is now the church’s “General Fund” for the operation of the church’s activities and its missions. Giving to the building fund is an offering that we give in addition to our tithe, like money we give to Benevolence or to support missions and other ministries outside the church. Contributions to the building fund are tax deductible and will be on your year-end statement.

Q. How do I give online?

A. Full walkthrough and details on our Online Giving are available on our Online Giving page, including how to set up recurring gifts.

Children’s area:

Q. What is the plan for making the children’s hallway accommodate more people?

A. We are working on some changes within our current space. 

Q. Is there a place near the children’s play area for moms to meet while the kids play? 

A. We will have flexible adult seating in the same room. 

Q. What will happen to our current playground and ga-ga ball pit?

A. We hope to keep the playground in the same location it is in. Even if we have to move it, we will keep it.  We are currently planning to move the ga-ga ball pit to an area with better drainage. We will choose an area that is out of the new construction site.

Q, Will the indoor play area be handicap accessible?  It’s hard to find a handicap accessible playground in this area. 

A. It is ADA accessible, although not for kids in wheelchairs. We are also talking to the City about having a handicap accessible outdoor playground area in the land on Centerboard.

Q. Will the east entrance to the new children’s area be a children’s entrance or a main entrance? 

A. We will keep it as a secure hallway, so that only people with children checking in can enter through the east entrance. We will encourage people with kids to park in the east parking lot.

Q. How will we extend the preschool space with the expansion as planned (since they need dedicated restrooms)? 

A. They will use the existing children’s rooms and older kids will move to the new classrooms.

Q. When will the indoor play area be open for “public” use? 

A. We will work out areas when the building is open  during the week.

Q. Do we need to have the play area in the front of the building with glass walls? 

A. Yes, we want to show the community that we value young children and families.

Commons / Kitchen / cafe

Q. Will we expand the kitchen and café area with the new commons?  

A. We will have additional coffee stations and a burrito station in the new entranceway on the north and new commons. We are also looking at improvements in the current kitchen. In Phase 3 we will explore how to expand the kitchen.

Q. Will the current commons continue to be a commons area if we build a new commons area? 

A. Yes

Hope Ministry

Q. Where would the Hope Ministry meet? 

A. It will share space with the youth ministry in both Phases 2 and 3.


Q. Where will the new admin offices be? 

A. Either in the existing youth area or the expansion to the north of it. We will work out the final plans with our architects.

Special Needs Ministry

Q. Will we have a quiet space/room for kids with special needs?

A. In addition to a dedicated room and restroom, we can make a quiet room available in one of the offices.

Worship Center

Q. What is the current seating in our worship center and what will it be in the full build-out?

A. We currently seat 370. The full build-out will be about 700.

Q. Will there be other entrances to the worship center in addition to what we have now?

A. Yes – on the north and west sides.


Q. Why don’t we start with the youth building – we could finish that smaller project first? 

A. Because we need worship space – four services is not sustainable for the next four years (before we do another capital campaign.)

Online Giving

Q. Can we set up an automatic pledge payment online? 

A. Yes. Select the giving category “Building Fund”.

Q. Is there a fee for giving online? 

A. EVC pays the processing company a fee for processing your payment. Giving by credit or debit card costs 2.25-2.75%, with American Express charging the highest fee. If you select the “Pay by check” option, the gift is drafted directly from your bank account and the fee is only .75%.

Q. Can we give by text? 

A. Yes. Text the amount you would like to give to 817-854-4448. The first time you text to give, you’ll be prompted to set up a text giving account. To give to the building fund you would text an amount + the fund name, for example: $100 building fund


Q. Do we own all the land behind us? 

A. Yes – we own from the neighborhood fences on the east and north to Centerboard Ln and Bailey Boswell Rd.


Q. Does the budget of $4.2 – $4.7MM include interior furnishings? 

A. yes, it includes all costs of design, city fees, construction costs and FF&E (furniture, fixtures & equipment).

Q. What is our current mortgage balance?  

A. $2,045,000. At the end of this year it will be $2, 029,000.

Q. What is the pledge commitment period? 

A. Three years, from Nov. 1, 2018 to Oct. 31, 2021.

Q. Do you have a goal for the campaign? 

A. $1.5M with $500k kickstart given in 2018.

Q. Are there “industry” standards for what is normal of safe amount of debt for a church compared to membership, annual income, etc? 

A. Our bank is very conservative in their lending process. They have several formulas they use when considering us for a loan. Those formulas include available income, loan-to-value, and equity in the assets.

Q. Will we do any other fundraisers for the building?

A. No, just the Kickstart and pledges. We will make this part of our New Members class to give new members an opportunity to participate in it also.


Q. How disruptive will the new construction be to our regular services and activities? Can we continue to meet in the current facility while we are building? 

A. Yes. All building goes on outside our walls except limited areas (restroom expansion, moving Guest Central & the offices). When the new construction is complete, then they tear down the walls between them in one to two weeks.  We will also be expanding  our gravel parking lot.

Q. Will there be a room for breastfeeding with a changing table, and a place to manage a small child melt-down? A quiet room is important to young families. 

A. We will be exploring that possibility – there are several areas we are considering (current green room, current admin area, a new office, etc.).

Q. Can we change the service times to give people more time to clear and refill the parking lots. Right now you have to drive around a lot waiting for a space to open up.  

A. We are currently exploring options to alleviate congestion in the parking lot.

Q. What about the ball fields that were on the original plans? 

A. We have to complete the next phase of construction first. Then we will be talking with people about putting in ballfields.

Q. What is the timeline for the project? 

A. Architectural and engineering design will continue when we have direction at end of Capital campaign.  As long as we have enough cash in hand, construction can start in early 2019 and will take 9-12 months.

Q. Will there be a bigger parking lot? After expansion, how many paved parking spots and how many gravel spots will we have? 

A. We are adding 100 concrete parking spaces for a total of 225. We will also add more gravel spaces.

Q. Can we build a second story in the future? 

A. No. Our structure does not support that and we do not want the additional expense of elevators and stairways.

Q. Are there things that EVC people can do during construction to offset costs (like clean up the grounds or help with construction)? 

A. We may be able to do that in some of our remodel areas, but OSHA laws and insurance restrictions will prohibit people from being in the construction area. Our contractors are accountable for the construction, so we have to let them do certain work. There will be work for our people as we install cabinets and our equipment during the move in.  People can pick up litter from the grounds outside the construction area.

Q. Will there be additional storage? 

A. Yes, some. We will be exploring that with our architects.

Q. Will there be space for more adult classrooms? 

A. At EVC we emphasize Life Groups meeting throughout the week and in homes. Some space is available at the church for Life Groups to use throughout the week, but our classrooms will be primarily for children and Unhindered.

Q. Have we considered adding sidewalks for access to adjacent neighborhoods?  

A. We delayed it in the  first phase to minimize costs. At this time the city plans for Centerboard are not finalized, so we will wait to see what the plans are for that and the widening of Bailey Boswell.

Q. Will Centerboard have to be widened with this expansion? 

A. The City determines that. It is driven more by the residential and school traffic than our expansion.

Q. Will the current awning be the only foul weather drop off spot? 

A. Yes.

Q. Can we build out toward the street?

A. Our front parking lot and detention pond are part of the master plan, so all expansion will be on the north and west sides of the current building.

Q. Who is going to build it?  

A. We are going to receive bids from 3 or 4 recommended General Contractors who have experience building churches and with the City of Fort Worth.

The Southwest corner parcel

Q. When we sell the parcel, do we have any control over what is built there? 

A. Yes, prior to selling it, we can write a deed of restrictions that prohibits certain businesses from being there.

Q. Has there been any interest in purchasing it? 

A. Not yet, but we are going to list it with an agency that is selling a lot of commercial property in the area.

Q. What is it zoned now? Do we need to rezone it? 

A. It will have to be rezoned, but that is the responsibility of the buyer.

Q. What area of land is platted out? 

A. The platted area is along Bailey Boswell Road on the south to the fence of the neighborhood north of us. The east boundary is the neighborhood fence on our east side. The west boundary runs along the line of our mowed grass west of the paved parking lot – from Bailey Boswell to the north property line.