Fall Family Scavenger hunt Clue Help

Stumped on one of the riddles? No problem at all! We want you to have fun and reach every location. Search the list of clues below for the one you need help with. Then click the link for a google


  • The streets of Paris are lined with cafes,
    And each offers choices of food that amaze.
    But in our fair burg you may wonder why
    There’s a French-named restaurant serving Italian pie.
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  • The Louvre and the Prado are places where you
    Can walk and find great artwork to view.
    Yet closer to home there’s another place that
    Makes artistic creations with high butterfat.
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  • In times like these we honor dedicated folk
    Who teach our children. Education’s no joke.
    Online or onsite they follow their vocation
    As guided by leadership at the central location.
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  • Our call is to help when people are in need.
    And hunger is an ongoing problem indeed. 
    Our city reaches out to make sure we think  
    How we can reach out through a much-needed link. 
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  • The Bible calls for each to be a new creation
    And all of us are need some type of renovation. 
    God wants us to slow down so we hear him speak, 
    Perhaps meeting together near a tree-studded creek. 
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  • Chicago’s Wrigley Field is where some Cubs roam
    But in our local district Cubs have another home. 
    One focused on learning and doing good deeds  
    With programs designed to meet young student needs. 
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